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    Experience Dhulandi 2020 in all its Glory with Loved Ones

    Date: 09-10 Mar 2020

    The Resplendent Holiis celebrated every year in India with fervor. People will take to streets as they celebrate Holika Dahan which is followed by Dhulandi 2020.

    The first day of Holi known as Holika Dahan will feature Holi Bonfire. This festivity is followed by the second day of revelries known as Colorful Dhulandi Festival. People play with colored powder & colored water. People share their affection & love with one another. Hence, Gokul Dhulandi 2020 is also known as the Festival of Sharing & Love.

    The name of Dhulandi Festival India is mostly used in Jaipur & neighbouring areas of Rajasthan. With a plethora of rituals, exciting celebrations & vibrant audience, tourists & sybarites can enjoy the best Dhulandi 2020. So, avail reliable Holi packages for Rajasthan & take your loved ones to celebrate the Festivals of Colors.

    Brief History of Dhulandi 2020:

    ·  The legend is related to the famed devotee of Vishnu – Prahalada.

    ·  However, Hiranyakashyap (Prahalada’s father) was angry at his son’s devotion to Lord Vishnu. Hence, he asked his demonic sister Holika (Boon of Immunity against Fire) to end Prahalada’s devotion.

    ·  Holika obliged to the request & sat in a Pyre of Fire with Prahalada in her lap. However, she got consumed by the fire & Prahalada was saved.

    ·  Later, Vishnu reincarnated in the form of Narasimha& destroyed Hiranyakashyap. This brought back the faith of people on Lord Vishnu & this occasion was celebrated with throwing colors in the air.

    Holi Schedule 2020:

    ·  The first festival which is known as Phoolonki Holi 2020 will be celebrated on the Holi 2020 date- 8th March.

    ·  HolikaDahan which is also known as Lathmaar Holi /PhalgunShupurnima/Brij Holi 2020 in India will be celebrated on 9th March. It is also known as Barsana Holi in Braj areas (places related to Lord Vishnu’s Life)

    ·  The date of revelries for the next day i.e Dhulandi date is 10th March which is also known as Rang wali Holi.

    ·  Colorful Holi is followed by Dooj which features mutual reconciliation. This festivity is marked by new clothes, sharing of sweets & much more.

    Highlights of Colorful Holi Festival 2020:

    Here are the prominent highlights of Rang wali Holi 2020:

    Celebrate Dhulandi with Colors:

    ·  Once the people know when is Dhulandi, they start purchasing the colors to prepare for exciting festivities.

    ·  They hit the streets to throw colors & colored water on people and share happiness as well as joy.

    Evening Celebrations of Dhulandi 2020:

    ·  People share greetings & visit each other’s homes.

    ·  These celebrations are marked with indulging in delicacies, light conversations & taking Bhang.

    Relish Delicious Holi food:

    ·  Locals & sweet makers prepare a plethora of mouth-watering delicacies for the exciting Holi Festival.

    ·  A few prominent delicacies are Papri, Gujiya & Shakarpara.

    Vibrant festivities organized by Rajasthan Tourism Department:

    ·  The Rajasthan Tourism Department makes special arrangements for the PhalgunShupurnima or ???????. The festival will be hosted in the KhasaKothi Hotel.

    ·  Hundreds of tourists gather at this iconic location to celebrate with Dhulandi dance, Folk music & fascinating colors.

    Govind Dev Ji Temple Festivities of Dhulandi in Jaipur Rajasthan:

    ·  The Govind Dev Ji Temple is regarded as the oldest temple in Jaipur.

    ·  During Holi, this temple is decorated with flowers, colorful patterns & much more.

    Explore the Pink City after Dhulandi 2020:

    ·  Visitors & tourists can explore the historic city of Jaipur.

    ·  People usually go to major tourist attractions, towering forts & much more.

    Various Forms of Holi:

    ·  Different places have different names for Holi.

    ·  There are many popular India Holi destinations in 2020 which include Braj areas (Locations related to Lord Krishna), Historic places in North & South India.

    ·  Holi goes by different names such as Rangpanchami, Phalgun Shupurnima, Lathmaar Holi, Phoolonki Holi 2020, Barsana Holi, Gokul Dhulandi 2020 & more.

    Holi is a wonderful festival that promotes unity, brotherhood irrespective of any differences in caste or gender. So, choose a prominent Brij Holi tour package& explore the grand event with your friends or family.

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    02 March 2020

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