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    Visit the Jaisalmer Desert Festival & Relish Rajasthan’s Heritage

    Date: 07-09 Feb 2020

    Rajasthan & its resplendent cities host an array of vibrant events that display the state’s opulent heritage & culture. One such city is Jaisalmer which hosts the annual Jaisalmer Desert Festival & draws thousands of tourists for a 3-day revelry.

    This mega event is celebrated with pomp & grandeur in the midst of Thar Desert’s picturesque dunes. You can enjoy exciting competitions, fabulous musical performances & relish lip-smacking local cuisine while participating in the Desert Festival in Jaisalmer 2020.

    In addition to that, you can also witness beauty pageants or shop for beguiling traditional handicrafts. With engaging sports like cricket & camel polo, Jaisalmer Desert Festival promises to offer tourists an unforgettable experience. So, Emark on an epic journey to Rajasthan & take part in one of the popular Festivals in Jaisalmer with loved ones.

    Concise History of Jaisalmer Desert Festival:

    · The Desert Festival in Jaisalmer originates from the 12th century owing to the discovery of Jaisalmer by Rajput King - Maharawal Jaisal Sing.

    · The City of Jaisalmer was a major trade route for Persia, Egypt, Arab & Central Asia.

    · This gave rise to many festivals, fairs & trading events out of which Desert Festival in Jaisalmer is a prominent one.

    Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2020 Dates:

    The Desert festival will be held from 7th February to 9th February 2020 in the exotic city of Jaisalmer which boasts of beguiling Sand Dunes, extravagant sights & much more.

    Desert Festival Jaisalmer 2020 Program:

    Some of the exciting things to do in Desert Festival 2020:

    i. Turban Tying Contest: An engaging turban tying contest is conducted. The fastest person to tie the turban wins the contest.

    ii. Longest Moustache: In this event, a participant with the longest moustache is declared the winner.

    iii. Mr.Desert Pageant: This is basically a beauty pageant for Men.

    iv. Camel rides & Camel polo: Visitors can enjoy a wonderful camel ride or take part in the Camel polo which is essentially polo played on Camels.

    v. Desert Safari Ride: Relish a wonderful safari ride on Jeep or Camel & traverse through the scenic desert of Rajasthan.

    vi. Tug-of-War: This amazing event includes two groups of people pulling a rope & the group which pulls the rope farthest wins.

    vii. Rajasthan Folk Concert: This wondrous event includes parachuting, cricket match & a captivating display by Airforce.

    A Brief Shopping Guide of Jaisalmer Desert Festival:

    i. Handicrafts: Tourists & visitors should definitely get the beautiful handicrafts as memorabilia. These handicrafts boast of intricate designs depiciting Rajasthan’s legacy via beautiful patterns.

    ii. Attires: Vibrant colored attires can be bought as they are an integral part of Rajasthan’s culture. You can also wear them during the festival to show your love for the Jaisalmer Desert Festival.

    iii. Artefacts – Accessorize your home with sophisticated Home Décor artifacts from the exotic state of Rajasthan.

    Cultural Attractions of Jaisalmer Desert Festival:

    i. Morning Procession: This beautiful procession starts from Jaisalmer Fort & ends at the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium. You can see locals dress up in vibrant traditional costumes & perform traditional dances.

    ii. Folk Performances: Tourists & sybarites can enjoy captivating jugglery, renowned local dance form Gair. You can also witness the folk fire dances & music by local tribes. Donot miss the folk music recitals & ballads of Bhopa’s Langhas & Manganiars.

    iii. Gymnastic Acts: The Kalabaz who is also known as Nat’s is a popular group known for their thrilling acts. You can luxuriate in their nail-biting performances.

    iv. Camel Races: This race takes place only in Rajasthan & is similar to a horse race.

    v. Culinary Delights: You can savor scrumptious local delights at various stalls & dhabas at the Desert Fair Festival 2020.

    vi. A Fairy-tale end: The Jaisalmer Desert Festival ends on a beautiful note at Poornima which is the full moon day. The enthralling Sonar Qila renders as a perfect drop-in the Sand dunes for a riveting ending to the 3-day festivity.

    How to reach Jaisalmer Desert Festival?

    · Air – The nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport located around 300 km away with connectivity to major airports. You can take buses, intercity trains to reach Jaisalmer.

    · Rail – Jaisalmer is well-connected via train. You can take direct trains from major cities of India to reach Jaisalmer. Avail cabs to reach the venue.

    · Road – If you reside in major cities of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner & Jodhpur, then taking a bus, cab or car ride is sufficient. Buses from Delhi & nearby cities ply frequently to Jaisalmer.

    Apart from the Desert Festival, you can explore other tourist attractions of Rajasthan. So, visit Rajasthan & participate in the Desert Fair Festival 2020 to make memories for life.

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    03 February 2020

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