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    Ranakpur Festival 2019 – Impressive display of culture of rajasthan

    Date: 21-22 Dec 2019

    Ranakpur located in the Pali district of Rajasthan is an enthralling city boasting of grand temples, picturesque lakes and beautiful dams. This city is a one-stop destination for religious devotees who love visiting temples.Tourists and sybarites can explore other wonderful locations in the amazing city of Ranakpur.

    Ranakpur is also lauded for hosting one of the most delightful & popular festivals of Rajasthan – The Annual Ranakpur Festival. The cultural revelry and the overall festive atmosphere is both powerful and invigorating. Therefore, this festival has been a tradition for many years. This folk festival of Rajasthan is conducted by the Tourism Department and provides an exclusive opportunity to witness the interesting local culture.

    Ranakpur Festival  promises to be an exciting event filled with activities like Nature walks, visits to temples, tug of war, yoga & hot air ballooning. You can also relish the gorgeous decorations, cultural programmes and much more with your loved ones. Read on to know more about Ranakpur festival.

    And in case, the exhilarating Ranakpur festival of rajasthan has successfully made its way to your bucket-list, get Rajasthan Tour Packages materialized for your family! Head out to Pali for an memorable family holidaying.

    Things to do in Ranakpur Festival 2019

    The Ranakpur Festival of Rajasthan provides a delightful insight into the culture of Rajasthan, the royal Indian state. If you are planning a tour to Rajasthan this winter, do not miss immersing in the colorful affair of cultural festivities of Ranakpur. It is certainly a treat to the eyes of the visitors.

    Ranakpur Festival Highlights

    Here are a list of ranakpur festival highlights that would leave you enticed to get Rajasthan tour packages materialized & head out to Ranakpur.

    1). Dances: A mélange of dances such as Rajasthani folk dances & Bharatnatyam adorned with vocal & music artists will grace the festival this year. Music-maniacs from around the world visit Ranakpur Festival just to witness some of the Indian traditional dance forms.

    2). Visit Temples: Visitors & attendees of the Ranakpur Festival get the opportunity to visit the well-known Ranakpur Jain Temple, which is located in one of the villages of Ranakpur. This beautiful temple has been carved out of marble & is also considered as one of the largest & important temples of Jain Culture.

    Dedicated to Chaumukha Adinatha, it is distinguished for its intricate carvings & unique architecture.

    Some of the other ranakpur temples include Sun Temple, Shakti Mata Mandi &  Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple.

    3). Fun Activities: You can indulge in the plethora of fun activities that Ranakpur Festivities have to offer to its visitors. These include re-vitalizing & serene nature walks along the foothills of Aravalis, yoga, tug of war & exhilarating hot air ballooning.

    4). Cultural Programs: Adore the beautiful decorations with striking sun-set in the backdrop & cherish some enthralling folk & classical performances at the open air amphithreatre of the Sun Temple.

    The Tourism Department of Rajasthan invities both local & foreign visitors to participate in various competitions & develop a sense of belonging & harmony. So, ensure visiting Ranakpur Festival on your trip to Rajasthan this winter & live life to the fullest. Book your packages for ranakpur festival 2019.

    How to Get to Pali?

    The Pali district of Rajasthan has a well-developed road network, which connects to other districts of Rajasthan as well. In case you are visiting other major Rajasthan cities this winter, you can easily get to Pali from via road.

    The other feasible way to get to Pali is via air. The nearest airport to Pali is Jodhpur Airport, which is located 77 kms away from Pali. You can simply take a taxi from the airport to get to Pali.

    Details of the Festival

    Ranakpur Festival Dates: 21st & 22nd December 2019

    Venue: Ranakpur

    Tip for Visiting Ranakpur Festival: One of the best ways to attend the two-day Ranakpur festival of Rajasthan is to club it with a tour to some of the other neighbouring cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, & Udaipur.

    11 December 2019

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