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    Nagaur Cattle Fair 2020- One of the Largest Cattle Fairs In Rajasthan

    Date: 30-02 Feb 2020

    The Multi-faceted state of Rajasthan hosts a variety of resplendent cultural events & festivities. These revelries showcase the rich heritage of Rajasthan. Nagaur Cattle Fair 2020 is one such annual cattle fair in Rajasthan known for attracting thousands of tourists.

    The Yearly Nagaur Cattle Fair in Rajasthan boasts of a plethora of events & activities like Tug-of-War, Camel & Bullock races, Storytelling, Folk music performances, animal decoration contests & much more. Around 80,000 bullocks, camels & horses will be traded in the Nagaur Cattle Fair in Nagaur 2020.

    In addition to that, you can buy exotic varities of Red Chilli from the Asia’s Largest Red Chilli Market. Explore handicraft exhibition or witness gymnastic stunts, turban tying contest & many more in Rajasthan's second largest cattle fair. Plan your itinerary & participate in the Nagaur Cattle Fair 2020for an unforgettable experience with loved ones.

    Nagaur Cattle Fair 2020 Dates & Entry Fee:

    ·  The Nagaur Fair will be held from 30th January to 2nd February in the historic town of Nagaur.

    ·  Entry is free for tourists or visitors. Nagaur Cattle Fair 2020will begin from early morning & go on till midnight.

    Brief History of Nagaur Fair 2020:

    ·  The Nagaur Cattle Fairwas first mooted by King Umed Singh 56 years ago, to demonstrate magical powers of the Sufi Saint Shri Ramdeoji. Hence, Nagaur Cattle Fair In Rajasthanis also known as Ramdeoji Festival.

    ·  Historically, the town of Nagaur was a significant trading route exhibiting prominence & wealth. Due, to the harsh climate, local opted for animals husbandry & camel breeding for their livelihoods.

    ·  To lure traders & merchants passing via the trading route, the residents of Nagaur organized celebrations & initiated cattle trading.

    ·  Thus, Nagaur Cattle Fair in Nagaur gained prominence & is considered as one of the famous fairs of Rajasthan.

    Highlights of Nagaur Cattle Fair 2020:

    Nagaur Fair is one of the most awaited Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan 2020. Tourists can witness a wide range of spectacular events. Some of the Nagaur Cattle Fair 2020 attractions are:

    The Primary Aim of Nagaur Cattle Fair 2020:

    ·  Cattle sellers showcase their cattle via Cattle Activities & events to lure buyers. Each cattle merchant/dealer will be allotted his shed to store the animals

    ·  Potential buyers will explore the best cattle options & buy them after extensive bargaining.

    ·  By evening, buyers will leave the place with the newly bought animals whereas sellers stay at the venue for nighttime cultural events & revelries.

    Thrilling Events at Rajasthan's second largest cattle fair:

    · Cultural sports such as Cockfights, Bullock Races, Camel Races, Tug-of-war & many other events to bedazzle the spectators.

    ·  You can also witness puppet shows, juggling events, heart-pounding stunts, dance programs, moustache & turban tying contests.

    Live Performances in Nagaur Cattle Fair in Nagaur 2020:

    ·  Local artists will perform on folk music.

    ·  Traditional dances & allied activities can be enjoyed by tourists & visitors.

    Mirchi Market at the famous fair of Rajasthan:

    ·  This Red Chilli Market in Nagaur Cattle Fair 2020 is considered as one of the Biggest Red Chilli Markets in Asia.

    ·  You can discover rare & exquisite varieties of Chilli.

    ·  Buy some of these Chilli variants & carry them home to add zing to your home-made foods.

    Other Attractions of the Nagaur cattle fair celebration:

    ·  You can relish the wonderful animal beauty & decoration contests.

    ·  Buy beguiling handicrafts or memorabilia from the handicraft exhibition

    Interesting things to do in Nagaur fair 2020:

    1)  Buy exotic wooden items, camel leather accessories & other items from the Handicraft exhibition.

    2)  Savor the rich & exquisite local cuisine at the Nagaur Fair. Visitors should try the culinary delights prepared from camel milk & other dishes.

    3)  Witness one of the largest cattle fairs in Rajasthan light up during night time with folk dance & music.

    4)  Participate in engaging activities & games.

    5)  Gaze the captivating firework displays in the night with loved ones for a memorable experience.

    How to reach the historic town of Nagaur:

    To participate in the Nagaur cattle fair celebration with your friends or family, you can choose these following travel options:

    ·  Air – You can reach Jodhpur airport which is 140kms from Nagaur. International travellers can reach major airports like Delhi, Mumbai or Jaipur & opt for a connecting flight to Jodhpur. Buses or cabs are available for a hassle-free trip to Nagaur.

    ·  Road – Public & Private buses are available from many places in Rajasthan. You can opt for direct buses from Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar & many other cities & towns.

    ·  Rail – Merta is the nearest railway station which is 80km from Nagaur. Avail cabs or buses to reach the venue of Nagaur Cattle Fair 2020.

    Thus, you are all set to participate in one of the popular Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan 2020. Plan out your Rajasthan trip, Book your tickets & visit Rajasthan to make memories for life.

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    24 January 2020

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