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    Jaipur Literature Festival 2020 – A Confluence of Thinkers & Writers

    Date: 23-27 Jan 2020

    Jaipur, also known as the pink city hosts numerous festivals showcasing the rich history & legacy of Rajasthan. The capital city of Rajasthan is readying itself to host one of the grandest literary festivals on the planet - Jaipur Literature Festival or JLF 2020

    The Literature Festival in Jaipur aims to gather the world’s finest literature experts, thinkers, writers, humanitarians, corporate leaders, sportsmen & politicians. Joining the long list of attendees are the entertainers, performers & musicians. The idea is to provide a platform for all the participants so that they can put forth their ideas & thoughts for a progressive debate & dialogue.

    In addition to that, you can listen to renowned speakers, participate in mind-enriching contests, listen to soothing classical melodies from noted music stalwarts & much more. So plan your visit to Jaipur & Experience Literary Elegance with friends, family or colleagues.

    A brief history of Jaipur Literature Festival 2020:

    ·  The Jaipur Literature Festival was founded in 2006 by writers Namita Gokhale William Dalrymple.

    ·  The primary motive of the JLF organisers was to bring in literary experts & thinkers for constructive dialogue.

    ·  The first edition of JLF had a humble beginning with 18 writers & around 100 attendees but quickly gained prominence in the following years.

    ·  Recent editions saw Man Booker Prize&Pulitzer Prize winners taking part in the Jaipur Literature Festival elevating its Legacy.

    Events for the Celebration of Jaipur Literature Festival 2020:

    Exciting contests of JLF 2020:

    a)  Essay Writing Contest: Writing enthusiasts can take part in this event & stand a chance to win among hundreds of participants.

    b)  Blogging Contest: This event has been steadily gaining popularity. If you win, you might get a chance to be the official Jaipur Literature Festival, 2020 blogger.

    c)  Quiz Contest: Take part in quizzes & win some goodies.

    d)  Make New Friends: Participate in Youth Outreach Program or iWrite to interact with like-minded people and share your thoughts & ideas.

    Listen to Eminent Jaipur Literature Festival 2020 speakers:

    a)  Stephen Greenblatt: A historian &Pulitzer Prize winning author with numerous books to his name. His main areas of interest the works of Shakespeare, Renaissance & New Historicism.

    b)  Asma Khan: Featured in the famed Netflix show – Chef’s Table & is the first British Chef to do so.

    c)  Howard Jacobson:He won the Man Booker Prize in 2010 for his literary masterpiece - The Finkler Question.

    d)  KR Meera: She won the Kendra & Kerala SahityaAkademi Award for her novel – Aaraachaar.

    e)  Noted speakers like Abhijit V.Banerjee, Abhay K, Abhinav Chandrachud& many more will deliver thought-provoking speeches at the Zee Jaipur Literature festival 2020.

    Alluring Heritage Events of Jaipur Literature festival 2020:

    a)  Jaan: 40 artists from different fields gather to showcase their masterpiece known as “Poetic Commandos”. They whisper poetic & philosophical sayings to participants who are passing by via hollow canes.

    b)  East Marries West: The Sitar Maestro PanditShubdendra Rao will be performing at Ambert Fort. He will pay tribute to the legendary “father of world music” Pandit Ravi Shankar through the Sitar concert.

    c)  KathakParampara: PanditRajendra Prasad Gangani will showcase the Indian Classical Dance form – Kathak.

    Listen to Classic Music at Zee Jaipur Literature festival 2020:

    a)  Soulful Morning Music: Soothing Classic music performances by NiraliKartik, Saraswati Rajagopalan, Trayam, Supriya Nagarajan&Purbayan Chatterjee will surely mesmerize you.

    b)  Gathering of Varied Artists: Witness enthralling performances from a plethora of artists at the Music Stage event which is adjacent to Jaipur Literature Festival. You will treated to genres like Blues, Funk, Rock, Ghazals & many more.

    c)  Learn the Nuances of Music: The Music Stage also hosts masterclasses, talks & sessions as well as workshops to equip budding musicians with new skills.

    How to get your Jaipur Literature Festival 2020 Registration done?

    1.  The Jaipur Literature Festival 2020 will be held from 23rd to 27th January 2020.

    2.  The Mega Literature Festival in Jaipur will take place at the Royal Diggi palace.

    3.  There are 3 categories of Jaipur literature festival tickets

      i.  General Pass: Weekdays pass will cost 500/- whereas Weekend pass will cost about 800/-.

      ii.  Delegate: You can pay a higher amount & enjoy exquisite lunches, Priority access, VIP seating & exclusive Delegate lounge. You will also get invited to Jaipur Music Stage, Heritage event & many more.

      iii.  School: Free entry for schools who register on the website beforehand. Students should be accompanied by teachers.

    You can reach Jaipur via Road, Rail or Air. There are a plethora of buses, trains & flights to undertake a comfortable journey to Jaipur. So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself for the Jaipur Literature Festival & make Memories for Life.

    Book Your Seats For Jaipur Literature Festivals

    18 January 2020

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