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    Experience Mewar Festival 2020 – One of the Best Rajasthan fairs

    Date: 27-29 Mar 2020

    The captivating state of Rajasthan hosts a plethora of riveting festivals showcasing its rich history & culture. Mewar Festival 2020 is one such grand event which is ranked top in the List of Rajasthan fair & festivals.

    The Mewar Festival in Udaipur 2020 is celebrated to welcome the Spring season. The 3-day extravaganza will host a gamut of fun-filled activities such as rang ceremony, cultural programs, art & craft exhibition, rangoli rituals & many more. Visitors can also enjoy live performances of folk dance, vocal singing, instrumental songs & classical music by professional artists.

    Tourists & sybarites will have a wonderful opportunity to see the City of Lakes come to life with the Udaipur Mewar festival. Local women will dress adorn colorful headgear & have beautiful designs on Mehendi on their hands. You can also relish authentic Rajasthani culinary delights & sweets such as Gewar and many more. So, avail a reliable Rajasthan Tour operator & take part in the Mewar Festival 2020 with friends or family.

    A Brief Mewar Festival History:

    ·  The is an enigmatic story about Mewar Festival which dates back to the Sisodia Dynasty’s time.

    ·  After encountering a holy man, the then King MaharanaUdai Singh built a palace.

    ·  Consequently, the popular Mewar Festival of Rajasthan festivals came into existence.

    ·  The primary motive of the Rajasthan Mewar Festival 2020 is to welcome the Spring Season (King of Seasons)

    ·  Nowadays, the Mewar Festival of Udaipur is conducted by the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation to uphold the culture & historical sites of Mewar.

    Mewar Festival date:

    ·  The Mewar Festival 2020 is a brilliant spectacle & one of the popular Events in Rajasthan.

    ·  This festival will be held from 27th to 29th March 2020 in various parts of Udaipur.

    Significant Mewar Festival attractions you mustn’t miss:

    Here are the prominent features of the renowned Mewar Fair and festivals of India:-

    Larger than Life Procession of the Mewar Religious festival:

    ·  A huge procession will be taken through various parts of the city during the Mewar Festival 2020.

    ·  Visitors can enjoy a wide range of cultural programs & activities.

    ·  Images of Gangaur & Isar are decorated with special clothing. People carry these images on their heads while participating in the procession.

    ·  The procession will conclude at Lake Pichola of Gangaur Ghat.

    Witness dressed up locals in the Mewar Festival celebrations:

    ·  Local women will be decked up with colorful dresses, headgear & traditional accessories.

    ·  They will also put beautiful designs of Mehendi on their hands.

    Mewar Festival 2020 Activities after the Live Procession:

    ·  As the procession concludes, the women transfer the decked up idols to specially made boats.

    ·  Tourists are treated to a visual spectacle as hundred of specially designed boats carry the idols in the picturesque lake.

    Live performances at one of the most prominent Indian festivals:

    ·  Professional artists will be performing traditional dances based on folk music.

    ·  There will be exclusive traditional dramas & wonderful local culture-based songs.

    Traditional Ceremonies & Rituals of Mewar Festival in Udaipur 2020:

    ·  Local women gather to dress the idols of Gangaur & Lord Vishnu as well as his consort.

    ·  Married women pray to the Goddess Gangaur( Goddess of Martial happiness & conjugal bliss) for marital bliss & good health of husbands. Single girls pray for an ideal match of their choice.

    Things to do at the Mewar Festival in Udaipur:

    There are a lot of fun-filled activities at the wonderful fair which promotes Rajasthan Tourism. Here is brief information about Rajasthan Mewar Festival 2020& activities:-

    Rangoli Ritual of Mewar Festival 2020:

    ·  Visitors can take part in the Rangoli ritual which comprises of several traditional flavors of the local region.

    ·  HRH Group organizes this colorful event which also boasts of Mewar style food & beverages.

    Authentic Rajasthani Cuisine at Rajasthan Mewar Festival 2020:

    ·  Professional chefs dish out traditional Rajasthani cuisine.

    ·  Tourists can relish a wide range of lip-smacking gastronomical offerings for an unforgettable experience.

    Purchase authentic crafts & arts during Mewar Festival celebrations:

    ·  Old traditions, crafts & arts are recreated using modern techniques & style.

    ·  Participants can take home memorabilia or authentic crafts to have a memory of the grand Fair and festival of Rajasthan.

    Apart from the Mewar Festival 2020, travellers & sybarites can explore a gamut of tourist attractions in Udaipur. The beguiling city of Udaipur is easily accessible by air, road & rail. You can also visit wonderful lakes & historic monuments with loved ones. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your itinerary & take part in the Mewar Festival in Udaipur 2020 to make memories for life.

    16 March 2020

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