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    Bikaner Camel Festival 2020 – The Pride of Rajasthan

    Date: 11-12 Jan 2020

    The exotic state of Rajasthan hosts many resplendent events to showcase its rich culture and heritage. Bikaner, one of the many gorgeous cities of Rajasthan, is readying itself for Camel Festival 2020. This annual event primarily highlights the importance of Camel – Ship of the Desert. But, the festivities don't end there.

    Bikaner Camel Festival 2020 in India 

    It boasts of exciting camel races, camel acrobatics, camel beauty pageants, best breed competition and much more. You can also do souvenir shopping & savor mouth-watering Rajasthan cuisine. Take some gorgeous festival photos for an unforgettable experience at Bikaner camel festival.

    The other features of Camel Fair Bikaner include an alluring display of camels decorated with anklets, bridles, traditional necklaces & Rajasthani Folk dance. So, plan your itinerary and head over to Rajasthan to celebrate Camel Festival 2020 with loved ones.

    History of Bikaner Camel Festival:

    This Rajasthan festival takes places annually in Bikaner to signify Camel & its benefits in the early times for the inhabitants of Rajasthan. Bikaner is popular as a camel breeding place during ancient times and hence Camel Festival 2020 is celebrated there.

    Date of Bikaner Camel Festival:

    Bikaner Camel Festival 2020 will take place from 11th January and will go on till 12th January.

    Major Highlights of Bikaner Camel Festival:

    1.  Camel Games – A plethora of camel comprised activities which include the legendary camel race.

    2.  Traditional Folk dance & Music performances by renowned Rajasthani artistes.

    3.  Camel Beauty Pageants – Witness gorgeous camels decked up with necklaces, beautiful anklets, shaws and much more.

    4.  Fur cutting competition – Expert fur cutting artists take part in this event and showcase beautiful camels with their innovative fur designs.

    5.  Camel Dance – Groovy dances performed by our very own camels.

    Things to do in camel festival 2020:

    The exciting celebration of camel fair in Bikaner offers a wide range of activities for tourists & sybarites. Here are a few hand-picked things that you can do in the Camel Festival 2020:

    1.  Go on a shopping spree: Buy souvenirs, traditional handicrafts, textile works, pottery and much more.

    2.  Camel Safari in Bikaner: Explore the Rajasthani culture & lifestyle by taking a Safari ride through the elegant villages of Rajasthan.

    3.  Go sightseeing: You can discover hidden gems like Grand palaces, historic forts such as Junagarh fort, renowned KarniMata temple and more.

    4.  Camel milk deliciacies: Try Camel milk-based tea, ice cream while visiting camel festival in Bikaner.

    5.  Musems: If you want to know more about the history of Bikaner camel festival & Rajasthan’s legacy, visit a variety of Museums in Bikaner.

    Camel Festival 2020 Attractions:

    A Few Tourist attractions of the Bikaner Camel Festival 2020 in India are:

    1.  Puppeteers showcase local folklore through puppet shows.

    2.  Enthralling Rajasthani Fire Dance performances.

    3.  Amazing Fireworks displays to captivate you.

    4.  Witness Camel trading process in the traditional way.

    Travel Tips For Camel Festival In Bikaner:

    You can reach Bikaner via Bus, Train or Flight. Jodhpur is the nearest airport to Bikaner. Take a cab or bus to travel 250km and reach Bikaner. Similarly, you can avail long-distance buses from Delhi, Jaipur, Kota, Agra and more. If you prefer Train, then direct trains from Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai & many other locations are available.

    Avail popular Rajasthan tour packages to enjoy a hassle-free vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Rajashtan and experience the Camel extravaganze in all its glory with Friends or Family.

    02 January 2020

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