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    Baneshwar Fair Dungarpur 2020 – A Fusion of 2 Festivals

    Date: 05-09 Feb 2020

    Rajasthan is home to a wide array of resplendent events that showcase the rich culture & legacy of Rajasthan. Baneshwar Fair Dungarpur 2020 is one such grand event that exhibits the heritage of tribal people, Bhil tribes in particular.

    Bhil tribes are not limited to Rajashthan. They are also located in Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh. People from these states & tourists will be attending the Dungarpur Baneshwar fair 2020. This record attendance every year shows that Bhil tribes inhabitants honor their traditions & rituals and are very particular about them.

    You can take a holy dip in the water, enjoy folklore performances, discover & buy artefacts and much more. You can also relish exquisite Rajasthani Gastronomical delights from the different stalls set up during the Baneshwar Fair Dungarpur 2020. So prepare your itinerary & visit Rajasthan to make memories for life.

    History of Baneshwar Fair Dungarpur 2020:

    The Baneshwar fair is actually an amalgamation of 2 fairs that are:

    a.  One fair that venerates BaneshwarMahadevi.e Lord Shiva

    b.  A fair that has its origins after the completion of Vishnu Temple by the daughter-in-law of a highly regarded saint – Jankunwari.

    ·  Furthermore, two devoted followers of Mavji – Aje&Vaje built the Lakshmi Narain Temple. This grand temple is situated at the conflux of Mahi &Som rivers.

    ·  The Pran-Pratistha ritual used to be conducted during the Magh Shukla Ekadashi & thus Baneshwar Fair Rajasthancame into being.

    Highlights of Baneshwar Fair in Rajasthan:

    1.  Rasleela – One of the major attractions of this Religious festivalis Rasleela. It includes devotees singing folklores in high-pitched voices.

    2.  Traditional Entertainment – This popular Fair and festival of Rajasthan boast of folk dances, magic shows, puppet shows & many more.

    3.  Shopping – Visitors can explore a plethora of artefacts & memorabilia. They can also purchase other items such as bangles, glass items, puppets & marble works at affordable prices.

    4.  Rajasthan Cuisine  -  Various stalls in Baneshwar Fair Dungarpur 2020will offer mouth-watering Rajasthani delicacies such as Gatta curry, ghewar, daalbaati, churma& many other delectable dishes.

    5.  Hunting Equipment – Rajasthan is home to brave warriors from different clans which include Rajputs&Bhil Tribes. They primarily used shooting & hunting equipment which will be showcased in the Baneshwar Fair Dungarpur 2020.

    6.  Performances by Bhil Tribes – The Natives of thistribewill perform their traditional dance Ghoomer& exhibit their alluring customary paintings –Pithora. Tourists & visitors can savor this rich display of hand-made paintings & also buy them.

    Cultural Attractions of Baneshwar Fair 2020:

    1.  Holy Dip - Historically, it is considered that once the Mathadhish or Priest take a dip in the river, the water becomes pure. So, tourists & attendees take a holy dip in the river during Baneshwar festivalwhich ranks among the popularFestivals in Dungarpur.

    2.  Homage - The people of Bhil Tribesparticipate in the Moksha (peace) ritual. They throw the ashes of their near & dear in the river who passed away in the preceding year & pay their respects.

    Morning & Evening Aarti – Mahadev temple opens its door from 5 am & closes at 11 pm during the fair. Witness the shivalinga getting bathed with holy water & saffron during the morning. Evening aarti comprises of putting ash on Shivalinga. Then a burning Diya is waved over it. Devotees &tribals offer coconut, cash, ghee & rice puffs as offerings during the 

    Baneshwar Fair in India

    ·  Air – The Nearest Airport is Dabok Airport, Udaipur which is 146km away from Dungarpur City. You can avail local buses or cabs to reach the venue of Baneshwar Fair Dungarpur 2020.

    ·  Rail – Major cities of India are well connected by train. The nearest railway station codes for booking train tickets are DNRP – Dungarpur& KRDG –Kundalgarh.

    ·  Road – You can travel via bus or cabs from Jaipur, Udaipur & other major cities of Rajasthan. 

    Apart from the Baneshwar Fair Tour, you can explore other hidden gems & tourist destinations of Rajasthan as per your leisure. So, what are you waiting for ? Opt for a good Baneshwar fair package or Rajasthan fair package & enjoy Rajasthan in all its glory.

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    31 January 2020

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