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    These 7 places will make your Rajasthan Tours special

    Rajasthan literally means the “Land of Kings”. Historical forts, massive palaces, desert activities, Rajasthani cuisine and its art & culture with the slogan ‘Padharo Mahare Desh’ are few reasons, Rajasthan holds 3rd position on the list of ‘World Heritage Site Tags’. The beauty of this king’s land will leave you spellbind. Since Rajasthan is a part of Golden Triangle, it is on the priority list of every 3rd foreign tourist visiting India. With the palaces in Jaipur, lakes in Udaipur and desert forts in Jaisalmer & Jodhpur, it is magnetizes large number of domestic & international tourists.

    Here, I will unveil top 7 Forts/Places of Rajasthan which every visitor should have on the top of the list of special Rajasthan tours:

    1. Jaisalmer Fort: Constructed in 1156 CE by Rawal Jaiswal, the founder of Jaisalmer city, this fort is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort is beautifully built using Golden- Yellow Stones found in Jaisalmer. This Sone Ka Quila, shines bright as if it is made up of Gold if seen from a distance. Located on the top of Trikuta Hill, it is a perfect place to witness the most picturesque and mesmerizing view of sunset. Apart from the sunset point, there are lot many things to explore in the Golden Fort. The fort is a collection of chambers, museum, Laxminath & Jain Temple, shops and what not! Plan your Rajasthan cultural tours and explore the massive landmark of Jaisalmer.

    2. The City Palace:
    Still owned by the Royal family of Jaipur, City Palace is hidden deep in the folds of Old Jaipur. This palace is a perfect blend of Indian, Mughal and Rajput architecture with a touch of European style. It is a multiplex with unique infrastructure having several courtyards, gardens and temples. There are 3 gates to enter this colossal royal structure, namely – Virendra Pol, Udai Pol and Tripolia Gate. All the three gates are richly ornamented in Mughal style. Out of the three gates, entry from Tripolia Gate is reserved only for royal family and their friends. If you wish to explore the massive Fort, September – February is the ideal time.

    3. Pushkar Lake: The historical & holiest lake is situated in the small town - Pushkar. It is the assortment of 52 Ghats and 500 Temples. It is believed that, the lake is creation by Lord Brahma’s fallen lotus petal. The fallen petal spurted the water. According to Hindu Mythology, the water of Pushkar Lake, cleanse all your sins and troubles. This Hindus Pilgrimage is one of the top destinations which are attracting large number of devotees and tourists in Rajasthan.

    4. Ranthambore Fort: Located within the Ranthambore National Park this fort is a part of ‘Hill Forts of Rajasthan’. It was built by Chauhans in 944 CE and held it till 13th century. Every wall of the fort, speaks the history of the fort. Despite all the attacks, the fort still stands tall. The fort gladly stood against the attacks of foreign invaders to protect Rajput Empire. Situated on the top of the hill, the view of National Park from fort is itself breathtaking. Surrounded by mountains and dense forest, sometimes the big cats have been spotted from there. The 3 Hindus temples of Ganesh, Shiva & Ramlalaji inside the fort are the dominant attractions for tourists on Rajasthan Tours.

    5. Pichola Lake: Coming to the City of Lakes and not visiting Pichola is no less than committing crime. Built in the year 1362 AD the lake is the iconic destination for photography. Visit Lake Pichola and experience the thrill of boating the vast stretch of clear water. Apart from sailing, the lake has lot more things to offer such as – hypnotizing sunset view, dining in between the lake and temples. This 30 ft deep lake has 4 islands situated in it:

    • Jag Niwas – A Home to Lake Palace which is now a Heritage Hotel
    • Jag Mandir – Lake Garden Palace
    • Mohan Mandir – It was a place for King to enjoy the Gangaur festival
    • Arsi Vilas – A place for Kings to relax and enjoy sun bath.

    Mount Ab

    6. Chittorgarh Fort: Constructed by the Maurya Rulers in 7th century, it is the largest fort of Asia. This fort has witnessed every phase of Rajputana bequest. The walls of the fort speak the stories of Rajput chivalry, bravery and sacrifices. Chittorgarh Fort is an impression of Royal Rajput Traditions. You can access the fort through its 7 gates - Ram Pol, Padal Pol, Bhairon Pol, Ganesh Pol, Jorla Pol, Lakshman Pol, and Hanuman Pol. This fort was the first to witness the supreme sacrifice by women– Jauhar coveted by Queen Padmini when Allaudin Khilji attacked the fort. The massive Rajput fort is now the biggest tourist attraction in Rajasthan.

    7.Nakki Lake: The only hill station in Rajasthan – Mt. Abu beholds the most beautiful lake which is one of the major attractions of Rajasthan Holiday Packages. Nakki Lake is the most alluring part of Mt. Abu, with a story behind it. This lake is gouged out by god using his nails and that’s why it is holy lake for Hindus. Stories revealed that 330 million Gods & Goddesses visited this Lake. Imagine boating in a lake surrounded by dense forest and mountains! Live your imagination in Nakki Lake. Not only boating, you can also enjoy horse riding at the bank of the Lake.

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