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    The Magnificent Bikaner Camel Festival (12th Jan 2019-13th Jan 2019)

    The Ancient Land of Kings, Rajasthan has once again geared up to allure tourist from across the globe by organizing a lively & vibrant yearly event Bikaner Camel Festival in the honor of Camel, the ship of the desert. 

    Life in the harsh desert of Thar couldn’t have been possible without the Camel. This sturdy & rugged animal helps the inhabitants survive in severe conditions, devoid of which the desert will be incomplete.

    Department of Tourism, Art & Culture of Rajasthan Government took the initiative to organize an annual event in January for people who desire to witness the desert state of Rajasthan in this magnificent glory. Bikaner Camel Festival is an event worth hunting for. Its festivities are on par with the other festivals & events host by Rajasthan. This event incorporates breathtaking camel performances like camel races, camel dances & neck shaking camel rides, folk performances by the local artists & so much more! People from all over the world are looking for ways to book Rajasthan heritage tours. Contact tour operator Rajasthan today if you are looking forward to attend this glorious event & choose the best travel package from heritage Rajasthan tours.

    Intriguing History of Camel Festival

    The camels of Bikaner are famed for their amazing strength, endurance & beauty & have been an indispensable part of Bikaner since times immemorial. This can be determined from the fact that the Bikaner Army had a Camel Corp named as “Ganga Risala”, which took part in World War 1 & 2 and as well as in clash in Somaliland, Chine & Egypt. Another camel unit owned by Indian Army named “Ganga Jaisalmer Risala” was seen in action in Indo-Pakistan War of year 1965; however it was later demobilized in the year 1975. 

    Camels are still employed by the BSF’s Bikaner Camel Corp for patrolling along the long international border which Rajasthan state shares with Rajasthan. These gentle yet brave animals have continued being a star attraction at Republic Day Parade on Raj Path. 

    Celebration of Bikaner Camel Festival

    Bikaner Camel Festival is a two-day affair will be held on 12th & 13th January this year. The festival not only diligently celebrates “the ship of the desert” but also brings to the fore the special relation people of Bikaner region have with this robust & rugged animal. It also promotes camel breeding & age old tradition of training & taming camels. 

    Day 1 of Bikaner Camel Festival

    The festival kick-starts with a flamboyant procession of camels beautifully adorned with traditional anklets, necklaces & bright-colored bridles. The procession starts at mesmerizing Junagarh Fort & ends at the Dr. Karni Singh Stadium. 

    The Camel Festival begins fervently on reaching the open grounds of the stadium. Some of the major events of this festival are:

    Bagpiper Band Recital By Army

    Camel Decoration Competition

    Camel Fur Cutting Competition

    Camel Dance Competition

    Camel Acrobatics

    Camel Race & Camel Beauty Pageants

    The festival, though, is exclusively held to laud the camels, the traditional Rajasthan folk dance & music performances by the local artist add to the glamour of Camel Festival. 

    Traders & Craftsmen from all over India will converge at this festival; hence, there will an abundant of scope for souvenir shopping & tantalizing your taste-buds. Other festivities include fascinating fire dance, skirt swirling dancers & astounding fireworks that will illuminate the fortified desert city with ethereal lights. 

    You can take photos to cherish the amazing moments again. Contact today to book Rajasthan Heritage tours with us & we will get things materialized for you. 

    Day 2 of Bikaner Camel Festival

    The Day 2 of Bikaner Camel Festival arrives with a number of competitions for both tourists & locals. Here a list of events & competitions that will take place on Day 2:

    Heritage walk (Rampuria Haveli to Bikaji ki tekri)

    Tug of War for both males & females (Indians & Foreigners)

    Villagers Wrestling Competition

    Kabaddi Display Match

    Turban Tying Competition (for foreigners)

    Women Water Pot Race & Women Musical Chair 

    Just like Day 1 of Festival, day 2 events are followed by an evening jam-packed with cultural programs, which will leave the audience spell-bind with soothing sensation of melodies of folk music, colorfully attired puppet show & spectacular firework display that will light up the skies of Bikaner. 

    Sightseeing Around Bikaner Camel Festival 

    After attending the glorious Bikaner Camel Festival, you might desire to explore Bikaner city & its attractions. You can visit Junagarh Fort, which is renowned for red & golden sandstones adorned with intricate stone carvings. Another alluring attraction is Devi Kund, a collection of cenotaphs that radiates an amazing blend of Islamic & Rajputana architecture. 

    Deshnok Karni Mata Temple, Bhandasar Jain Temple, Prachina Cultural Centre & Museum, Ganga Government Museum and Shiv Bari Temple are other eminent attractions of this fortified city.

    Bikaner offers one of its kind experiences to the visitors. To venture in to this mesmerizing city & witness the glorious Bikaner Camel Festival contact us to book Rajasthan heritage tours.

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