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    Teej Festival in Jaipur – 3rd August & 4th August 2019

    Teej Festival 2019 is around the corner & the people of Rajasthan are all set to celebrate it great splendor! It is an enthralling colorful carnival that is typically celebrated to welcome the arrival of monsoon season. An exceptional fervor & vigor can be observed among Rajasthani women. They can be seen adorned in fancy traditional attire. The harmonies of Rajasthani Folk songs fill the air & Rajasthan transforms into a magical destination.

    Though Teej Festival is celebrated in various parts of India, Rajasthan’s capital city, Jaipur has its own unique way of celebrating Teej Festival.

    With the arrival of monsoon, exuberance of the festivities & aroma of scrumptious Teej delicacies began to hover over entire Rajasthan. The celebrations of Teej Festival in Jaipur are dominated by extravaganza of colors, extensive grandeur & fascinating rituals & traditions. The time is ideal to witness the city in full vibrancy.

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    Teej Festival Date:

    Teej Festival is usually celebrated in the months of Sawan and Bahdo of the Hindu calendar. These months corresponds to the monsoon season in India, which includes July, August & September. However, the exact Teej Festival date solely depends on the Lunar Cycle.

    This year, Teej Festival in Rajasthan & other parts of India will be observed on 3rd August - 4th August 2019.

    Significance of Teej Festival:

    Teej Festival in Jaipur and several other parts of the country is a 2-day celebration that marks the reunion of Hindu deities, Goddess Parvati & Lord Shiva after a long separation.

    According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Parvati took 108 births & went through hard spiritual penance before receiving Lord Shiva as her consort. Her perseverance & devotion made her realize how much she loved him.

    Inspired by the hard penance that Goddess Parvati went through, Teej Festival is mostly celebrated by women & girls. They offer prayers to Goddess Parvati to be blessed with a devoted life-partner & blissful married life. They also seek the blessings of the Almighty for the safety of their life-partner.

    Celebration of Teej Festival:


    Teej Festival 2019 will be celebrated with great fervor in various parts of India including Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Bihar. Though conduct & celebrations of Teej Festival may differ, the essence of the Teej remains the same.

    Teej is also celebrated in one of the neighboring countries of India, Nepal with great enthusiasm. However, Teej festival in Jaipur is a huge deal! 

    Teej in Jaipur:
    A grand & royal procession of Teej Mata, Goddess Parvati, on an antique palanquin is carried out through the lanes of the Pink City. Both men & women dressed in the traditional attire join this procession. A Fanfare of folk-dancers & band players accompany the procession. During the procession, you can hear women singing devotional songs to Goddess Parvati.

    Before carrying out the procession, the idol of Goddess Teej Mata is adorned with colorful saree & accessories. The procession in the Pink City begins at the Tripolia Gate, passes through various markets such as Chhoti Chaupar and Gangauri Bazar & finally terminates at the Chaugan Stadium.

    The entire Pink City is embellished with decorative items & lights. You can also observe young girls & women swinging on the swings adorned with spring flowers such as Marigold.

    Rituals: During Teej Festival in Jaipur, women get dressed in red, orange & yellow sarees & adorn themselves with traditional jewelry. The colors mark the marital bliss as women fast & pray for the well-being & long-life of their life-partners.

    The fast is mostly observed on the first day of Teej. The women gather together, apply mehandi on each other’s hands & sing devotional folk songs to the Goddess.

    On Teej Married Women also receive gifts & sweets from their native home. These gifts may include Lahariya (a multi-colored saree) & Ghevar (a special sweet).

    Holiday makers, what are you waiting for? The time to indulge in the exuberance of the Pink City-Jaipur is here!

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