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    Relish Mount’s serenity at Summer Festival, Mount Abu 2019

    The time edging nearer to May marks the aperture of Rajasthan’s summer festival that is to be held in Mount Abu near Udaipur.

    Mount Abu has been catching the eyes of tourists as it is believed that over 300 Hindu demigods (offspring or incarnation of Hindu gods) visited Mount to expedite Yajna (a sacrifice made to impress the Hindu gods). During summer season, a significant tourist statistics is ensued by Rajasthan Tourism Authority that can be explained by the beauty and cool environment that dwells this hilly gem. To enjoy an enticing voyage you can contact various rajasthan tour operators available online.

    Every Year in May Rajasthan Tourism sets to organize and conduct a flock of cultural activities to admire and promote the heritage of Rajasthan. This festival starts at Buddha Poornima that signifies the Birth, enlightenment and pari-nirvana of Gautam Buddha. Entire Mount glows articulately, the light around Nakki Lake adds up to the beauty of the gleam mountain.

    Prominent tourist attractions at summer festival Mount Abu, 2019

    • Dance and Musical performances

    Folk dances and musical competition and performances are organized in entire Mount to attract more and more crowd that craves for culture and heritage. These dances bestow traditional values on the modern generations influencing them to discern new-old traditions.

    • Tribal culture’s demonstrations

    The tribes that live in the valleys near Mount come forth at the time of festival to magnify the jollity of the festive spell and perform & illustrate their way of living by way of folk dances and traditional music.

    • Gusto-full performances by the Local art-masters

    Gaiety in the performances by the local performers makes the festivity even more attractive to adore. The liveliness in the ballad music and Rajasthan’s traditional dances spreads a serene odor in the place’s attractive milieu. Tourists who crave for Rajasthan’s traditional music may find this edition of Summer Festival enthralling. Dance performances include artistically acted upon various dance forms such as Daph folk dance and Gair dance.

    • Dinghy Race

    The fantastic boating competition is organized in Mount Abu’s Nakki Lake. However, the boating events continue to happen every day so that tourists may enjoy the delights of water rides in high spirits.

    • CRPF Band performances

    Mount Ab

    Other magnetizing events and places in Mount Abu

    • Achaleshwar Mahadev temple
    • Gurushikhar
    • Mount’s wildlife sanctuary
    • Wax museum
    • Adventure camps
    • Dilwara’s Jain temple
    • Brahmakumari’s ashram
    • Various Churches
    • Sunset and Sunrise spots
    • Arbuda Goddess temple
    • Nakki Lake’s Market
    • Adventure Tracking Events

    Reaching Mount Abu Festival

    Tourists may reach Mount Abu by all the available means including:

    Aerial route

    Tourists may reach Mount Abu by reaching by flight at Dabok Airport a.k.a Maharana Pratap Airpot near Udaipur that is approximately 176 km from Mount Abu. It connects major cities of India with Udaipur and Mount Abu.

    Rail-road route

    There exists not a single railway station in Mount Abu because of its settlement on mountains. The nearest station to Mount is Abu road which is 27 km of hilly road away from Mount. Railway operates almost all trains linking major cities to Abu Road. Tourists can also book Rajasthan travel packages online with AtulyaRajasthan at affordable prices.

    NH-14 connects the nation to Mount, being only 22 km away it connects to major cities of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It also connects Mount to prominent tourist spots of Rajasthan such Bundi, Udaipur and Ajmer and to Delhi.

    Hence, this article throws a significant amount of light over the fact that the best time to visit Mount Abu is the summer season as this trip may relax you a bit from Rajasthan’s scorching heat.

    23 April 2019 Comments