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    How Rajasthan Tours can give you Jaunty Vibes

    Besieged by the monotony & pressure of daily errands, everyone desires to unhook from their tedious life & escape into placidity. No leisure activity stirs up as much composure & joy as celebrating a festival does.

    Festivals not only provide a reason to celebrate, but it also encompasses people from different religion & cultural backgrounds to come together & relish their differences with harmony.

    One such festival that offers people from distinct communities & religion an excuse to make merry & paint the town red is Braj Holi-the festival of colors. The festival is just around the corner & celebrators from across the globe are looking for ways to get their royal Rajasthan tour materialized.

    Introduction to Braj Festival

    Braj Holi is a two-day festival commemorated every year in the Shukla Paksha of the Phalgun month in the Brij region, situated in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. Marked with enthusiasm & gusto, the festival is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

    During the festival villagers could be found dressed in multi-colored attire, singing & performing Raas Leela, a dance showcasing the life of Krishna & immortal love-story of Radha & Krishna. The entire Bharatpur town is painted in different colors & the sound of folk melodies fills the air as professionals lift their voices.

    The exuberant cultural activities & festivities associated with the Braj Holi entice people from all over the world to select special Rajasthan tours packages & head to Bharatpur.

    In case you are looking forward to attend this flamboyant festival, contact us to get your Delhi Agra Jaipur tour or royal Rajasthan tour booked.



    Rajasthan, the Ancient Land of Kings renowned for its charm & vigor is all set to embrace the festival of colors, Braj Festival. One of the splendid manifestations of Holi festival can be observed during this festival, which is held in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan every year in the month of March.

    Highlights of the Festival:

    This year the Braj Holi Festival will be celebrated from 16th March 2019 to 17th March 2019 with sheer glamour & joy.
    During the festival Bharatpur will intriguingly transform from the desert land to a flamboyant & exuberant festive arena. The delighted villagers could be seen adorned in variegated attires, splashing colors on each other & painting their houses in scintillating & radiant colors.

    Another outstanding feature of the festival is Raas Leela dance, which is said to be performed by Radha & Krishna in moments of deep affection towards each other. Villagers’ performing Raas Leela in traditional costumes is a sight worth beholding. The dance is accompanied by music narrating the folklores on the lives of Radha & Krishna.

    A certain air of exhilaration descends over Bharatpur as the villagers & professionals began to sing folk melodies. Not only locals but tourists from across the globe visit Bharatpur to witness the saga. Visitors partake in the festivities with great enthusiasm & ardor.


    Activities associated with Braj Holi Festival

    • The festivities of Braj Holi exhibit the true essence, spirit & culture of Rajasthan. This two-day celebration is jam-packed with a plethora of activities, competitions & shows.
    • Customarily, the festival begins with a “Nature Walk for Children” at the Keoladeo National Park of Bharatpur, which is organized by the district administration.
    • Photographic Exhibition, Bird fair & a seminar is organized to commemorate the festival.
    • Various rural sports activities are organized during the festival like, Kushti & Tug-of-War are held at Lohagarh Stadium in Bharatpur, Rumal Jhapatta & Safa Bandh (Turban Tying) are held in Deeg.
    • Rajasthani folk artists perform at the Deeg Palace, which is followed by a colorful fountain show & dance-based drama by Shriram Bhartiya Kala Kendra.
    • Other enthralling activities associated with Braj Holi include performances by Bollywood artists, various forms of Holi like Gulal Holi, Laddu Holi, Doodh-Dahi Holi, Phoolon ki Holi & Latthmar Holi.

    Rajasthani Folk music, cultural activities & events, exuberance of natives add to the glory of this overwhelming festival. The euphoria of colors, melodies of folk-songs, & religious beliefs of people capture the essence of Holi in its own beguiling way.

    To discover what all the Braj Holi Festival has in store; book best Rajasthan tours from tour packages of Rajasthan.

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