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    Embrace the alluring traditions at the Mewar festival 2019

    Eulogized as the India’s traditional land, Rajasthan has been popular amongst Indian visitors and foreign guests. The exultant and profuse crowd every year adds up to the opulence of the state. It was primitively the land of kings and their riches.  The colossal affluence of the kings led to the establishment of miraculous monuments, ranging from Nahargarh fort in Jaipur to Jal Palace Udaipur. Ship of the desert, Camel’s ride is the foremost attraction of Rajasthan. Promotion of Rajasthan tourism marks the signification of the opulent state’s traditional values.A lofty amount of tourists attend various events that are organized throughout the year to promote aforesaid asseveration. In order to enjoy the enticing excitement of the dessert land one can plan a tour to Rajasthan.

    Mewar Festival 2019, Udaipur, Rajasthan

    Udaipur is one the most beautiful cities in the world, surrounded by the beauty of hills.Mewar festival 2019, to be organized in Udaipur – “The city of lakes” is the 2nd world living heritage festival. Udaipur is known to allure capacious crowds with ample amount of foreign guests. Cities adjacent to Udaipur are Mt. Abu and Nathdwara. The former’s a hill station and the latter one’s a holy place connecting people to the divine force. Companies providetour to Rajasthan, Rajasthan Cultural Tours, Rajasthan wildlife tour and Heritage tours in Rajasthan at affordable prices. It is celebrated to signify the onset of spring season. The entire city manifest sojourn color schemes with eclectic imagination.

    Liturgies of Mewar Festival, 2019


    It is celebrated by women of Mewar in order to worship Goddess Gangaur to get bestowed upon with a happy married life along with long life of their husbands. The women-folk carve Lord Shiva’s (India’s MythicAdiyogi) statue alongside his consort Goddess Gangaur.

    The procession comprising of the statues, visits various parts of the city along with women performing dance and singing religious songs.  It ends with crowd reaching Lake Pichola’sGangaurGhat. The Mewari women prepare a tidy sum of ghewar (Rajathani sweet) to worship the deities, which afterwards is consumed by everyone in form of Prasad. Visitors can get an amazing view of the boats carrying deities for immersion at the center of the lake. The completion of the ceremony marks the advent of the cultural activities.

    Enticing Cultural activities at the Mewar Festival, 2019

    • Interaction with professional local artists
    • Seminars (unification of traditional and modern arts)
    • Rangoli (colorful presentation of food and beverages by HRH group of hotels), an opportunity for professional chefs.
    • Traditional dishes of the state are also showcased for visitors.
    • Three day cultural event inclusive of classical – vocal and instrumental.
    • Classical Dances all over the country are organized along with dramas depicting the traditional values of the state.

    Venue: Udaipur, Rajasthan

    Date: April 6, 2019 to April 8, 2019

    Tempted folks may book Tour Packages of Rajasthan covering Mewar Festival, 2019 and some parts of marwaar as well. For visitors with a desire to enjoy premium class may book Royal Rajasthan Tour with the tour companies.

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