Rajasthan Folk Music & Dances

For the people Rajasthan the music and dance are in the part of their blood. The dancing, singing, drama, devotional music, puppet shows transform with the folk entertainment makes the type of dance and songs interesting with the use of different musical instruments.

Ghoomar Dance- Basically it is a dance which is performed by women on special occasions. This is a simple form of dance where the ladies move gently with gracefully movements in circular motions to form the steps.

Chart Dance- This is a famous dance type in the region of Kisherigarh region. With this dance form the dancer will be performing the dance with a lighted lamp in a pot on their head.

Kachhi Ghodi- This is a traditional dance performed with colorful dummy horses. The costume for this dance will be in multi colors and swords in hands to move rhythmically to the beats of the drums and fifes.

Teerah Taali- This dance is performed by men playing four stringed instruments called chau-tara. While the women will be sitting with dozens of manjeeras, tied all over the body and striking with the hands in a rhythmic pattern. As the dance progresses the dance will hold a sword in their teeth and lighted lamps placed on the heads.

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