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Atulya Rajasthan welcomes you to explore the royal Rajasthan in Royal elegance. Atulya means “one of its kinds”, as the name suggests we provide the travelers a unique experience in touring with us. Atulya Rajasthan focuses on providing the tourists a splendid and in depth exploration of Rajasthan’s important touring destinations with the ultimate traveling pleasure. We are experienced in providing custom tour schedules as per requirements, which include individual or group travelers, government delegates etc. Some of the tour packages that we provide are Golden Triangle tours, wildlife packages, Cultural Tours, Heritage Tours, Royal Rajasthan tour packages etc.

Why Choose Atulya Rajasthan

What we offer:

We offer the solo traveler, or Family, with comprehensive services, which include everything like your tickets for Land our Air travel, your accommodation, all the entertainment requirements, like Special Dinners the Barbecue or the Gala Dance or adventure sports etc. Our Special itinerary includes the royal treatment which has Horse and camel Ride, the Desert Safari, overnight stay at Palace etc.

Guaranteed Low Price

For the travelers seeking for somewhat unique, we can tailor your tours including far-flung places, wild sanctuaries, the old Forts and Palaces, number of which are still owned and managed by royal families. Our very experienced staff can guide and make a special itinerary for you to satisfy to your specific needs, boost your satisfaction and guarantee that your Indian experience is totally exceptional.

Rajasthan Travel Guidance

Our aim is simple that to showcase this historic land of chivalry; kings and warriors, the colorful villages to the travelers visiting this fascinating land with the services of international standards.

Salient Features of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Tours

Our grand Welcome theme recreates the ambiance of welcoming a brave and victorious King. The entire passage to the Hotel Main lobby is lined up with the decorated elephants and camels. As you pass by elephants they will raise their trunks to salute you. A royal band will play the enchanting tune to welcome you and the Valets will drape you with Shawl (For Female) and Rajasthani Turbans (For males). Also folks dances are also arranged as per the availability.

Why Atulya Rajasthan is Different?


We have some of the best experts in tourism industry with us also the People who know rajasthan better. They are well trained to give you the best experience and Show to the best of Rjasthan.

Atithi Devo Bhavh(अतिथि देवो भव):-

We do not consider you as our Clients or Customers. We Atulya Rajasthan believe in Atithi Devo Bhav(अतिथि देवो भव:) that you are a Guest and Guest are equivalent to God.

Connecting with Atulya Rajasthan:-

We are available Round the clock and 7 Days a week. We know the importance of your time so whenever you try to reach us we are approachable instantly.

Incomparable Prices:-

We offer best prices in the tourism industry. This ensures that you tour wills be cost effective and are value for money.


We always ask our visitors to have the travel insurance before start of you trip. But this doesn’t mean that we make compromises with your safety. Our Guides and Drivers are well trained and go through various checks before we hire them to ensure the safety of our Guests.

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