Rajasthan Desert Festival, Jailsamer

India is a place of culture, long root of tradition and religions string with tons of fairs and festival all throughout the year. We can alsocall India as a God gifted land abundance of nature marvels, plenty of varied wildlife;great, peaceful clean sandy beaches and lovely and beautiful hill stations. Also India is also abode to hundreds of well-known holy destination that attracts devotees from all over the places. If you wish to travel India and love to enjoy the advantage of Rajasthan festival tour, come and explore India to spend your holiday matching to your plan.

Here you can discoverlovely, beautiful and well-known place of Rajasthan where you can experience desert festival. The desert festival of Jaisalmer held each year in the month of February as the locals from in and around Jaisalmer city and its villages come together to mark the starting of desert Festival. Here, the visitors can get experience open air, acrobatics, folk dance performances by local artist, puppet shows, and kiosks painted with the different colors of joy and snake enchanter. Also you can enjoy many presentation and play such as Ghair and Ghoomar balls, The animated Camp Fire, colorful Swirling Skirts and tie and dye Duppatas or Chunnies with ample of folk music with desert kiosks and decorated camels.

By opting for Rajasthan tour packages, you can transform your vacations into lifetime memory and get lots of pleasures. The dance events and camel polo offers you a best choice to value the camel and its great skills. Folksongs and dance and narration of heroic poemssung by poets fill the atmosphere with the essence of desert romance and make a whimsical ambience that prompts you of the heroic past. This festival offersamazing platform for displaying the original and long standing traditions of golden Rajasthan. Among the stimulating stuffs to explore in Jaisalmer Desert festival the kiosks, carpets, rugs, and tents showcasing handicraft goods and clothing are fairlyexciting. A Rajasthan is a very smart and fascinating so enjoy of every bit of Jaisalmer Desert festival (Jaisalmer Tour).

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