One of the biggest religious festivals in India

Festivals are a wonderful time of year. They give people an opportunity to bond, share joy, make memories, and most importantly they fill the atmosphere with positivity and good cheer. Festivals also provide a break from the normal rhythm of life and the holidays from work, school, or college don’t hurt either

One of the biggest religious festivals in India, Id and the month long fasting prior to that which is known as Ramzan is fervently celebrated by millions of Muslims all across the country. It is a great advantage to have Muslims friends around this time as you get to enjoy the Iftar Parties every evening during Ramzan and gorge upon some delicious sweet dishes on the day of Id. Cities such as Lucknow, Delhi and Hyderabad see joyous celebrations and fanfare during Id. The festival is also symbolic of the brotherhood and cultural uniqueness of India.

India not only has one of the world’s largest Muslim populations, it has also had Muslim presence for over a thousand years. It is therefore natural for Eid to be a major festival in the country, observed with all its attendant customs and rituals.

Some of the more enterprising individuals also organise Ramazan food walks so that tourists can get a good taste of all the different types of food. It is true that food can unite people and nothing exemplifies that better than the large crowds of people from different religions partaking of the same delicacies and enjoying the festivities together.

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