Nagaur Fair/Ramdeoji Cattle Fair 2015

Nagaur Cattle fair is now transformed into the most important Festival of Locals of Rajasthan. It is the 2nd biggest cattle fair in desert land of Rajasthan, India. Each year in the month of January and February in the city of Nagaur Fair goes runs for 8 consecutive days. In Nagaur cattle fair several traders from all parts of Rajasthan or nearby states attend with their cattle which include camels, horses, bullocks and sheep. In general around seventy thousand cattle are traded each year in this fair. The cattle decorated in the excessive jewelry look very charming as if they are preparing themselves to join some fancy dress competition. Cattle owners also join the fest dressing up in vibrant turbans and beautiful long moustaches.

Add-on Attraction: The Mirchi Bazaar organized in the Nagaur fest is also major attraction of the fair. In this souk, Red Chili of different species is seen, and definitely, Jodhpur is the largest supplier of finest kind of red chilies.

More Attraction: In Nagaur festival you can take pleasure in buying many lovely hand-made wooden items, iron crafts and decorations that are made of leather also these things are offered plenty in the fair.

Several games like Tug-of-war, camel races, cock fights, etc to make this 4 day feast a excellent experience etc. The festival provides amusement to the tourists and visitors. With the leap of sun towards the rest for night, a jubilant heaven is created by the folk musicians and artists, whose voices echo far and long across the peaceful desert sand.

The Nagaur festivity is going to be held this year in month of January from 25th to 28th January, and also this time a several visitors from all over the India are likely to show their presence in it.

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