Exploring the lands of the royals!

Rajasthan has a strong roots and connection with the riyal history of our forefathers. The moment you step into this land, you’ll strongly feel the history still imbibed in the atmosphere, in the people, on the walls, in the houses and everywhere else. They have a rich lifestyle that is also influenced by the ancient people.

If you are planning to travel with your family and friends to a place that you have never explored and that you’ve never seen before, and wish to learn and teach children about the history and the past, then this is the nest option for you.

You can take up the train trip to Rajasthan.  It is convenient for you to travel if you are in groups. You get to explore all the local places and you can also interact with the local people there. There are different Rajasthan tour and travel packages that you can try for a more convenient and a planned trip.

If you do not know much about this place and if you haven’t been to this place before, planning and exploring would become tedious and would be a head ache. You would surely not want to waste much time in looking out for places. Getting confused with the last minute and ending up landing in a different place with an unknown direction would be more troubling.

If you travel to Rajasthan, you can explore the palaces and forts where the kings and the queens walked and lived during their life. You get to witness all the royal affairs that they had during the ancient history. The food and the ambience in this place is also very good and you will get moved up with their hospitality, taste of the food and their culture that the follow.

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