Christmas festival in Rajasthan

Christmas festival is one of the most important festivals of the year. Christmas festival in Rajasthan is celebrated on 25th December,in the Gregorian calendar,with a lot of enthusiasm. The day marks the death anniversary of Jesus Christ. The festival is marked with a lot of revelry and merrymaking. People from the entire world come to Rajasthan to celebrate the festival. Moreover, Christmas in Rajasthan is celebrated spending time with family members and friends, eating a meal prepared especially for the festival. Some families also exchange sweets and gifts. Most of then offered prayers in the church.

Parties and dancing make the Christmas festival in Rajasthan livelier. During the festival, to celebrate people dress fancy clothes andthey decorate their houses with Christmas trees. The Christmas trees are decorated with gorgeous items such assparkling stars, candies, cotton flakes, socks,gifts a lot of other ornamental items. During the Christmas, the houses are also decorated with colorful poinsettias and papers. Even the churches are ornamented for the festival. The market places are also decorated with tinsel and lighting.

The market places, post offices, banks and government offices are closed on Christmas. Other organizations may be closed. Public transport also may be closed, because of this it is better check on timetables.

In India, the states which have the largest percentages of Christians are:

• Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Assam,Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Rajasthan in north-west India.
• Goa in the west coast.
• Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the south.

Symbols of Christmas festival in Rajasthan include:

• Oil burners and small electric lights
• Artificial pine trees or native tree and bushes
• Origin scenes with small clay figures.
• Statues of actors playing Santa Claus.

As a result, the Christmas festival is celebrated by various religions with equal zeal. Christmas in Rajasthan is celebrated with fun, family and friends. It is indeed one of the most famous festivals in Rajasthan.

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