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    The Vivacious Rajasthan Festival- 23rd March to 30thMarch 2019

    Lauded as the Ancient Land of Kings, the royal state of Rajasthan is all set to transform in to an exuberant jamboree destination again.  Yes, the bright & multihued Rajasthan has geared up to celebrate its foundation day in a dazzling & perky way.

    No wonder people from across the globe are looking for ways to get their Rajasthan tour materialized. Beguiled by the enthusiasm of the locals & flamboyance of events, Rajasthan Festival is likely to witness a large number of Good-time Charlie.
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    Rajasthan Festival- The Magnificent Festivities of Rajasthan Foundation Day

    The glorious Rajasthan Festival is celebrated to commemorate “Rajasthan Foundation Day” in a regal & opulent way. This invigorating event is organized by Tourism Department of Rajasthan across the state of Rajasthan.

    This week-long jamboree arrives jam-packed with programs ranging from morning chants to musical evenings. A certain air of cheer & merriment begins to hover over this princely state as the events bring its heritage & triumphant legacy back to life.
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    Unveiling the History of Rajasthan Foundation Day


    Before 1947, Rajasthan was renowned as Rajputana consisting of around 22 small & big princely states. At the time of independence, 19 princely states & 3 chief ships of Neemrana, Lava & Kushalgarh together comprised Rajasthan.

    The process of merging & unification of Rajasthan was accomplished in November 1956 after undergoing 7 integration stages. However, the 4th Stage paved a way for the formation of “Greater Rajasthan” as major states like Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Jaisalmer joined the Union.

    The formation of “Greater Rajasthan” was formally launched by Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel on 30th March 1949. Since 1949, the legendary Rajasthan Foundation Day is celebrated each year with great enthusiasm.

    A Glimpse into Rajasthan Festival 2018

    The grand celebrations of Rajasthan Festival 2018 were inaugurated with the lightning of “Rajasthan Day Torch” at JDA, Polo Ground, Jaipur. The splendid opening ceremony was followed by a Police Tattoo Show.

    The renowned Indian composer trio, Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy added flair to the festival by performing live at a Mega Evening Concert organized at Albert Hall on 29th March.

    This fantastic & spectacular event was brought to conclusion at Vidhansabha on 30th March 2019.

    Invigorating Activities associated with Rajasthan Festival

    The lauded Rajasthan Festival has so much up its sleeve than one can ever dream of. Jam-packed with vibrant musical concerts, euphonious religious chants & heritage fashion show, the festival has something to connect to every age group.

    Other exuberant activities associated with the festival include buoyant film festivals, musical nights, dynamic Army processions, Police Tattoo Show & so much more.

    Revitalizing culture & vibrant liveliness of Rajasthan add to the glory of this magnificent event. Rajasthan Tourism department organizes a plethora of cultural events on some laudable tourist destinations of Jaipur for tourists & locals. The magnetizing & innovative carnivals are accompanied by Craft, Folk Art, Music and Dance of Rajasthan.

    Cherish the delightful ambience of the Royal State of India this March on Rajasthan Festival. Contact us today to get your royal Rajasthan tour materialized. Select the best from exclusive tour packages of Rajasthan.

    A Fun filled Journey Awaits!

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