Major cities of Rajasthan in Manson Season!

Major cities of in Rajasthan of Manson Season!

Following are some of the famous and popular places that one can lookout in Rajasthan. Try out the train tours in Rajasthan. You can try out the agencies and the travels that will help you and give you all the facilities.

Jodhpur: this is the famous place and it is called as Sun City. If you are planning for a sun bathe and if you think you would enjoy the sun tanning, you will have to visit the place.

Jaisalmer: there are numerous forts and one can explore this place. This place is also called as the golden city.

Udaipur: this place is called as city of lakes. There are numerous lakes and you can make a list of it. You will want to spend some time in these serene places and these lakes are beautiful and the nature around is lovely.

Jaipur: this place is called as pink city and the ancient walls and the architecture in this place is really inspiring.

Bikaner: this is a place that is famous for sweets. You will get all types of sweets here that is famous and that are tasty and delicious.

Pushkar: this is a place that is famous for Pushkar Lake. There is also a pushkar camel fair and festival. You can see the cultural and traditional diversities in this fair. The colours of this place and the camels that are traditionally dressed. There are various stalls and displays that you can see in these fairs.

You can talk to any of the tours and travel agency and get all the details and information. Once you get the details, you can reserve the tickets.

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