Don't Forget Health while on Holiday in Rajasthan

Traveling in bigger cities of Rajasthan may attract some unwanted attention which may get you in some kind of troubles. Here for your reference and safety we are giving you some of the precautions and safety tips to enjoy your Rajasthan Tours.

Things to keep in mind while touring to Rajasthan:-

·         On congested local buses, hold onto your baggage. You might be requested to put your belongings underneath a seat to make some space for other fellow passenger. Don't do it.

·         In budget lodging, doublelock the entrance with use of padlock and tightly lock all windows before going to sleep or going out for the night as thieves are practiced at stealing into unsafe hotel rooms.

·         If you are leaving your luggage unattended anywhere, for any reason, bolt it to a pipe, a bed-stand or anything that you can find and cannot be moved.

·         Don't take any food or drink from any stranger particularly on trains or buses. It might be intoxicated.

Health Precautions you need to take on Rajasthan Tour.

·         Keep a bottle of fresh drinking water near all the times. Fill it up every morning before leaving your hotel. This protects you drinking local (often unhygienic) water. Beware maximum of the infections out here are water-borne.

·         By No means take any water even in restaurants that is not filtered, purified with water purification pills or with mixture of iodine or boiled for at minimum ten minutes. Though you will not be definite of this, always use mineral water (Packaged water) to drink.

·         Eat 3 balanced meals a day. In hot, dry climates just like Rajasthan it is common for travelers to skip solid foods, and to stay on a liquid diet of fruit, curds, and other bottled drinks. The unavoidable result is diarrhea.

·         Keep your medicinal kit often refilled. Before leaving for remote area go to a local druggist and stock up on aspirins, diarrhea pills, insect cream, salt tablets and other first-aid prerequisites.

·         Avoid too Spicy food on your travel; make sure you ask your host to use less spices as Rajasthani Food or Rajasthani cuisines are very spicy in nature. Eating too spicy food which you are not habitual of can make your stomach upset.

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